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A Bit About Us

Our Background

Anablade was born out of the urge to provide quality and tech-driven facility management solutions not just to our business clients but to their clients as well - the ultimate individual customers.

Thus we aim to provide seamless services from B2B2C.

We use, innovate and invest in ideas and methodologies to facilitate the "last mile customer" with special emphasis of providing a super simple yet efficient interface.

We are recognized as a Startup by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India and are backed and supported by the leading Integrated Facility Managers - Sainath.Services

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Our Vision

Anablade envisages to create an effective and smart tech-based integrated ecosystem for precincts/facilities and aims to amalgamate and offer services being provided to the individual end users - "the tenants/residents" like Parking, Car Washing, Deep Cleaning, Laundry, Maid Services, Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing, Daily delivery services, etc. in addition to the operation and maintenance of the facilities  - all of this on a single IoT powered platform.

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